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Metöötametellimustega (tarne 2 - 4 nädalat) jamüümeseda, miskoheolemas (Tarne üleEesti 2-5 tööpäeva). 
Täpsustage kauba saadavust!

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Meteor- reliable and functional stroller. Very popular and most often chosen by parents,due to the strong suspension and comfort both in the city and on trips outside the city. Additionally, it is fully prepared for any kind of weather.
Wide, soft seat provide the comfort to the passenger, and three-piece of canopy protect from rain and sunlight


-Suitable for children from 6 months up, max load 15 kgs
-A convenient folding mechanism for umbrella-type (with safety bar)
-Five positions of backrest adjustment
-Five-point belts
-Front wheels with a lock of twist, Rear wheels – equipped with a brake assembly.
-Double wheels have shock absorption.
-Additional accessories
-Cup holder
-Soft and warm footmuff
-Shopping basket


External dimensions width/height/length/ [cm] 51/108/66
Dimensions after folding width/height/length/ [cm] 34/104/28
Seat: width 36cm/depth with footrest- 35cm, with folding footrest 22cm
backrest height/width [cm] 49 / 31
Wheels diameter 16cm/width 3cm
Weight 8,4kgs
Available in four colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red



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