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Seminar on consumer education

Nordplus Horizontal 2015 project

 Consumer education – teaching survival skills in consumer society “

In 2015, the Nordplus Horizontal 2015 program approved a cooperation project of Consumer Protection Board of Estonia, Tallinn University and consumer protection national authorities of Sweden and Finland. The activities of the project supported the cooperation between governmental organisations, universities and teachers. Consumer education is not only important for young people, but also for adults, who often lack the knowledge how to protect their rights. Knowing how to be a wise consumer concerns everybody, from young to old people. Taking into account that the consumer environment is constantly changing, we all need to learn how to cope with it. Main activity of the project was a seminar that gave a good opportunity to promote consumer education among teachers, who often just lack the idea how to include it in their subjects.

On 3rd November 2015, the Consumer Protection Board of Estonia in co-operation with Tallinn University and consumer protection national authorities of Sweden and Finland organized a seminar for teachers and students. In Estonia as in most of the countries, consumer education is just a tiny part of other subjects, if at all and during this seminar we wanted to show different possibilities how to engage it in school lessons. Firstly, there was a panel discussion on why consumer education is important. After that, the consumer education specialists from Finland and Sweden talked about their experience. There were also some practical workshops about teaching accordance with thinking processes, changes in generations and in education and how to motivate oneself and inspire children to learn and think along.


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