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If you notice a manufacturing defect on the product during use, please bring the item to our dealer. We will do our best to meet your requirements. During the warranty period, we will remove free of charge any industrial defect caused by inadequate materials or factory assembly quality. See the warranty terms here: http://www.roly-poly-store.com/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use.
In the event of a malfunction or defect, the Buyer should bring the trolley with cleaned dirt and a warranty voucher at our Roly-Poly dealership. The cart will be picked up immediately and within 3-5 business days we will review and conclude 4-6 weeks. Factory fault repair is free of charge, and fault caused by the user is subject to a charge. Shipping costs to our dealership are borne by the customer. A free replacement trolley may only be issued if the repair time exceeds 14 days and the fault is with the factory. In the event of a breakdown not covered by the guarantee, the wagon will be charged between 6 and 10 euros a day, depending on your choice.

You can find your warranty repair request here:


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